First Week HCG – 12 Lbs. Lost!

Jul 16, 2022
First Week HCG – 12 Lbs. Lost!
Hello. Welcome to my journey to a NEW, Healthier & Lighter me! Believe me I have used every excuse in the book that kept me away from sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

Hello. Welcome to my journey to a NEW, Healthier & Lighter me!

Believe me I have used every excuse in the book that kept me away from sticking to a healthy lifestyle. From being too stressed, too busy, too tired to make a healthy dinner because I didn’t have all the ingredients, drive thru is so much faster, I can exercise later or tomorrow, my family doesn’t like healthy food and won’t be a great support system. My will power was shot.




“Be Stronger the Your Excuses”

So why now?

Wanting to change and tackle those excuses is one of the biggest barriers I had to overcome to start. My body was giving me all the signs that I needed to change and I had reached my fat limit. From bloated stomach and heartburn to swollen ankles, I was fed up with being fat and I now wanted to do something about it.

After my consult to start the HCG program, it was an eye opener to find out how all the things that were wrong with me were connected and going through the process, those problems would work themselves out.

On this journey, I will share with you my experience, feelings, favorite recipes, my supplements and results!

DAY 1, 2, 3:

I began my load days on the Weekend, so that I could start my injections on Saturday.

Loading or “gorging” is the time for me to eat anything and everything I wanted, but others advise you to eat natural high fat foods.

Yah… I pretty much treated these days as my farewell to my favorite food places – Chinese, Mexican, Pizza, Sushi, Cheeseburgers & Fries, Ice Cream 

But let me tell you… Loading is tough! I felt so full it was hard for me to get those 3000-5000 calories in. I even felt guilty gaining those couple pounds on purpose, but it was to replenish my reserves for my low 500 calorie diet plan in this first week, which made the transition much easier.

Tip: Prepare for the week. Food Scale & Meal Prep. Grocery Shopping!

The Rest of the Week:

The injections are easy and DO NOT HURT!!!

WARNING: headaches, cravings – so water is a MUST!!!

Fortunately, the supplements that I have been taking have helped my appetite control through the week and I haven’t experienced any headaches. But the food got bland really quick. Going to Olive Garden with my family, I brought my own meal to eat. “Eating with my eyes”! It was so hard because I knew how good everything tasted! I didn’t crack!!!

“Don’t be afraid to give up the Good to go for the Great!”

My stomach feels flatter every morning and my body feels like it went through a major detox. I know that most of the initial weight drop is water weight, but I feel CLEAN! No stomach bloat and no swollen ankles.

NO oil, NO butter! I found the original strict HCG food rules to be really bland in taste and I got bored fast, so after research what was HCG allowed and not allowed online. I tried a few recipes that are yummy and some tricks to transform your fruit. (See Recipes Below)

Goals: I love food. Get More Creative in Cooking! First, learn cooking basics.


I ate my fruit as snacks between meals (Grapefruit, Meal 1, Apple or Strawberries, Meal 2)

Why not do the most for your weight loss goals? Everyone has heard this before in any diet.

  • Lemon Water (1 lemon max. each day) for a flat belly
  • Eat fruit 30 min. before your meal
  • Last Meal before 6 or 7pm

(As a midnight snacker, I thought this was going to be tough, but supplements and water helped the cravings)


My scale reads 240 lbs.

Bust – 46

Waist – 44

Hips – 50

Left Thigh – 26 1/2

Left Arm – 17


My scale reads 228 lbs.

Bust – 45

Waist – 43

Hips – 48 1/4

Left Thigh – 27 1/4

Left Arm – 16 3/4

HCG Recipes that are NOT Boring:





Zentigue Supplements:

Zentigue Supplements

Zentigue Supplements

Zentigue Supplements